Sage 50 Accounts helps you take care of the business accounting essentials, like your finances and cash flow.
But with our software you can do so much more. You can easily use the information stored in your accounts
to help you manage and grow your business.

Specially designed for small and medium sized businesses, Sage 50 Accounts helps you manage your
customers, suppliers and stock, your day-to-day finances, GST returns and year-end accounts.

It helps you stay in control of your finances and easily share information with your accountant, leaving you free to
concentrate on running your business.

Please read our article on Accounting Software Suitability and Implementation

Brief of some Product Features

Management reporting: See more than just your monthly figures on your management reports, and drill down to see the detail behind your top-level figures.

Bank reconciliation: Record multiple bank accounts and their details. Enter payments and receipts and save bank reconciliation's part-way through.

Generate invoices, quotes, or pro-forma's for your customers: Choose whether you want to turn a quotation into an order, invoice or keep the quotation for your records to use again in the future.

Excel® integrated reporting:
Microsoft Excel can link directly to your Sage 50 Accounts data so that directors and managers can access and analyse accounts information without needing to use Sage 50 themselves or have it installed on the same PC.

Sage 50 Acounts Standard Modules

Accounts Receivable Features and Benefits:

  • Invoice Transaction Drilldown
  • Invoices & Credits by batch, product / service invoice.
  • Customer refund function
  • Customer Record Search Function
  • Email PDF Invoices and Statements
  • On screen Transaction Activity and Aged Analysis
  • Export to Customer records / transactions to excel
  • Many Customer Accounts Receivable Reports

Accounts Payable Features and Benefits:

  • Invoices & Credits by batch or Purchase Order
  • Handles payment on account / deposits
  • Supplier refund function
  • On screen Transaction Activity and Aged Analysis
  • Supplier Record Search Function
  • Export to Supplier records / transactions to excel
  • Many Supplier Accounts Payable Reports

 Product / Inventory Features and Benefits:

  • Alpha Numeric Product Codes
  • Product Categories and Departments
  • Stock / Non Stock and Service Product Types
  • Negative Stock Option
  • Import and Export Product Records to Excel
  • Global Price Update Function
  • Stock Take Function
  • Stock Control and Activity Reports

Customer Quotations

Many businesses submit quotations in the hope of attracting new business. When the customer
accepts the quotation, you will convert it to a Sales Order or an Invoice.

When you create a quotation in Sage 50 Accounts it is given a status of Open. From this point it may become:

  • Won - A quotation automatically becomes Won when you convert it to an order or invoice.

  • Lost - A quotation becomes Lost when you amend it and mark it as such.
    The status of a Lost quotation can be amended to make it Open again.

  • Expired - A quotation automatically becomes Expired after it has been Open for a time-out period
    longer than you specify on the record. An expired quotation can become Open again, if you amend the expiry date.

Sage 50 Accounts provides you with all of the functions you need to create invoices, credit notes, pro-forma's and quotes.

The Invoicing option is linked to your customer, product and nominal accounts so these records are automatically updated when you update your invoices.
If Invoice Printing for Services is not required you can use the Customer Batch Invoice Function.

Invoicing Features and Benefits:

  • Create Product or Service Invoices
  • Create Pro-forma Invoices
  • Create Memorised and Recurring Invoices
  • Cash Payment of Invoice at time of posting
  • Take Deposit Payment on Invoice
  • Auto of Manual Invoice Numbering
  • Invoice Search and Reporting
  • Unlimited Invoice Templates
  • Add Company Logo and Customise Invoice
  • Add Text or Memos to Invoices

General Ledger Features and Benefits:

  • Numeric Ledger Codes with Sub-Account Option.
  • Create Multiple Chart of Accounts Layouts.
  • Budgeting
    • Standard budgeting, a basic budgeting feature you can use to view your budget, actual's and previous years figures.
    • Advanced budgeting that includes up to five years historical figures and is designed to improve budget set up.
  • Use Departments to monitor the performance of different areas in your business. Each transaction you record can be linked to a department which represents one of your business areas. Generate reports or check the activity associated with each business area.

Finanacials Features and Benefits:

  • Full numbered Audit Trail is a complete record of your transaction activities and is often requested by auditors during their investigations.
  • Financial's Search function can search your entire transaction history for Values, Tax Codes, Transaction Reference Etc.
  • Reports
    • Profit and Loss
    • Balance Sheet
    • Trial Balance
    • Audit Trail
    • Plus more
  • Archive previous year company data.
  • Departmental transaction and Budgeting

Banking Features and Benefits:

  • GL Payments and Receipting.
  • Customer Receipts and Supplier Payments.
  • Supplier Remittance Printing.
  • Electronic Banking.
  • Bank Reconciliation.
  • Cash Flow option allows you to plan payments to your suppliers, expected incomes, expected expenditure and variable payments such as wages and utility bills.
  • Bank Transfer Tool - Funds between Bank Accounts.
  • Recurring transactions Eg Loan Payments Etc.
  • Bank, Credit Card, and Cash type accounts.
  • Reporting.

File Maintenance Features and Benefits:

  • Check Data Files Tool
    • The Check Data facility lets you check the validity of your data files and, in certain circumstances, correct any data corruption.
  • Transaction Entry Correction
    • Often mistakes are made when entering transactions. You can correct them provided the associated transaction entries have not been cleared from the audit trail. Sage 50 Accounts generates the necessary adjustments for you.
  • Re-index Data Tool.
  • Compress Data Files Tool
    • Returns unused file space as free disk space.
  • Rebuild Data Files
    • Create new data files for all, or selected, parts of an existing company data set.

Reports & Searching Features and Benefits:

  • The Report Designer generates and prints all of the reports and stationery that your business needs.
  • Create new or modify existing reports.
  • Statements, Labels and Letters.
  • Add Logos, Lines and Boxes Etc.
  • Range of standard reports for each module.
  • Print, Preview, Email or Save as Files CSV, PDF, HTM, XLS (Excel).
  • Send Transactions direct to Excel.
  • Module and Global Transaction Search Tools.
  • Wildcard Search Function.
  • Memorise custom searches for future use.
  • Modify Module Grid Layouts.
  • Change Module columns sort order.

User Access / Security Features and Benefits:

  • Access Rights feature lets you set individual passwords for each person who has access to Sage 50.
  • You can restrict which ledgers, menus and windows each user can use, and you can hide your bank
    and nominal balances from certain users if necessary.
  • Create new user accounts based on other users with the copy function.

GST and BAS Features and Benefits:

  • Tax Codes can be adjusted for various %
  • Tax Codes are entered with every transaction
  • Adept Bas Add-on is an optional for Sage 50 in Australia. See Adept Add on Page 
    • Comes with Australian BAS and New Zealand GST Forms as standard.
    • Can handle multiple Tax Forms.
    • Automatic updates keep the program up to date.
    • Library of pre-designed Tax Forms and Reports that can be downloaded and installed automatically.
    • Drill down to the individual transactions that have been used for a return.
    • Automatic drillable archives are created when a form is submitted.
    • Forms and Reports are generated in HTML format for maximum flexibility.

Multi user / Network Features and Benefits:

  • 2 User Client Access.
  • Access Permissions per user.
  • Quick access to logged in user list.

  • Network Environment
    • Windows XP
    • Windows Vista
    • Windows 7
    • Windows 8
    • Windows Server
    • Windows Small Business Server
    • Terminal Services Client

Third Party Expansion Features and Benefits:

  • Through the use of Sage Data Objects SDO third party Software Developers and customise add-on solutions to suit most niche business.

Sage 50 Accounting 

Reasons to choose Sage 50 Accounts

  • You need software that is easy to use and covers all your accounting needs.
  • You want advanced features to help you manage your growing business.
  • You need an accounts system that helps your company to grow, allowing different people to use the system at the same time.
  • You require accurate management information and reports.
  • You need software that integrates with your other software to develop a more efficient business system.
 Sage 50 Version High Level Differentiators  Accounts Accounts Plus  Accounts Pro 
Create Quotations, Invoices & Statements    
Manage Cash Flow  
VAT return & online submission to HMRC    
Stock Control  
Support for Charities    
Chase Debt and Manage Payments    
Anytime/Anywhere access Sage 50 Mobile Sage 50 Mobile  Sage 50 Mobile
Manage individual projects

Create custom pricing for different customers


Manage foreign currency bank accounts & transactions


Create and process Sales and Purchase orders


Multi user ready*

Up to 2 users Up to 2 Users Up to 10 Users
Multi Company ready*
Manager your Customers      

Find contact details quickly and easily

Create quotations and invoices

Integration with Sage ACT!

Know how much profit you will make on each quote or invoice before you commit

Apply flexible discounts to win business

See who owes you money and when it’s due

Record Till Takings***

Quick Quick Quick

Record Cash Sales***

Integration with Web Stores

Manage individual projects and costs

Manage your Sales Orders


Easily email invoices to your customers

Manage your Suppliers      

Find contact details quickly and easily

Record purchase invoices in batches

Create purchase individual invoices

Manage purchase orders


See who you owe money to and when it’s due

Easily email documents to your suppliers

Manage your Finances      

Keep track of money going in and out of your business

See your cash position at a glance

Prepare VAT / GST Returns

Annual Accounting


VAT / Gst Cash Accounting


Credit from Invoice

Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet reports


Bank reconciliation for up to date figures

Export your information to Microsoft Office

Control budgets for key areas of your business

New File Import

Departmental Analysis

Support for Charities

Convert currencies for foreign trading


Lock Date

Chart of Accounts

Improved management reports with drill down

Easy to follow month end, year end & VAT process

Report designer - simple view, easy to edit reports and invoices

Improved Excel integration is a usable format

Manage your Business      

Keep track of your products and services

Control your stock


Barcode creation

Report Browser

Quick Search

Quick Print using Default Layouts

Quick tasks - create invoices from product list, invoice cash sales

Manage components and assembled products

Manage your time with integrated diary and reminders

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